3 High-Tech Gadgets to Spoil Your Pet

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Orlando Morales Posted: 4:18 PM, Jun 20, 2016

Our pets are part of the family, no wonder we spoil them rotten. From a gadget that lets you check in on them, to a fun way to play fetch, Bradley Hasemeyer has three pet gadgets rover will love. 

1.  PetChatz

This pet cam let's you dial in and say "HI," and give them a treat. It has a screen so they can see you, and for an extra $100, you can add the paw call accessory! This empowers your pooch to hit you up anytime they miss you. It comes out later this month, but will cost about $360. 

2.  Catch A Poo

No more bending over, no more handling it yourself! This pooper scooper meets selfie stick. It extends low enough for you to catch "it." The idea is when they start squatting; you stick this bag under their little behind, and make an interception. They even include a tactical flashlight for night time. This one will cost you around $25.

3.  GoDogGo

This fetch machine, around $150, launches balls into the air. Just kick back, relax, and use this remote control gadget will launch a single ball, or shoot them on a time.

Our pets bring us so much unconditional love, so why not spoil them. They deserve it!

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