3 high-tech wallets changing the way we shop

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 9:06 PM, Aug 8, 2017

When you think of products that have been given a 21st century upgrade you may not think that a wallet would be on that list. Think again! Jared Cotter has three high-tech wallets that are changing the way we shop.

1.  Walli

This stylish piece has everything you expect in a wallet, plus tech. It will let you know if you’ve left behind a card and you can even set timers within the app to let Walli know how much time to wait before notifying you. Since it’s connected to your phone it has a way to find that too. Pick one up for around $89.

2.  Frenchie Speed Wallet

It’s called the speed wallet because all you do with it is super-fast. To take a bill out simply open the flap, choose the one you want and pull it out. It has a tech element as well that prevents electronic pickpocketing. Pick one up for around $89.

3.  Fuze Card

This cool card can store information from almost any card in your wallet including debit cards, credit cards, reward cards, gift cards, gym membership, pretty much any card with a barcode. Just swipe or take a picture of a card through your smartphone and it appears the wallet. You can preorder one for around $129.

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