3 hilariously convincing pranks pulled by brands

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:37 PM, Mar 31, 2017

We all love our pets but, let's be honest: sometimes they can get a little (or a lot) furry. Analog Watch Co. decided that if they have to sport jackets and shirts with pet hair on them, they might as well make our furry accessories look classy. Enter the creation of the Companion Collection of watches:

Nothing says you love your pet like wearing something that's covered in its fur and we are so appreciative of the Analog Watch Co. for giving us this chance to carry our pets around with us forever. You can totally pre-order this watch starting April 1st; then sit back and wait for your new best buddy watch to roll in.

While you're waiting, kill some time by watching these three other pretty funny, pretty convincing prank videos…what? You couldn't tell this watch was a prank? A pet fur watch…Really?

1. Lyft's Mono

It's the newest in handheld technology – this giant thumb prototype by Lyft is your one stop for everything you need: requesting rides, pairing with your phone, and making you look super cool.

2. Kodak's "Whoopsie"

Imagine what would happen if a friend offered to let you borrow their charger, only for it to start deleting all of your data! Nightmare! That's what happened to a few Londoners when Kodak Moments put this prank out onto the streets.

3. LG's Don't Look Down

You're riding on an elevator on an average day when all of a sudden the floor drops out from under you: what do you do? Nothing, if you're in this elevator prank with LG and SuperHeroes Amsterdam. It's all an illusion!

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