3 Howling Halloween Party Hacks

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By: Teresa Strasser Posted: 3:27 PM, Oct 12, 2017

If you're throwing a spooky soiree this month these party hacks will have your guests howling, and not just from too much candy. Teresa Strasser has three quick and easy tricks that are sure to scare up some fun.

1.  Hot Dog Severed Fingers

Why just serve hot dogs when you could serve severed fingers and really creep people out? They're easy to make. Just cook your hotdogs, then cut them in half, without severing your own fingers. You want to notch out some of the hot dog to be the fingernail, but don't go too deep. Now of course, you need knuckles. Just add a couple more notches and then take half a bun and be very generous with your ketchup slash blood because you want it to adhere to the bun and look scary.

2.  Spooky Snack Platter

You could serve your cheese your crackers your pretzels in standard platters, but that would be lame, when you could make a skeleton your platter and your snacks its innards. First, get some cheese for the chest cavity. You could also put meat in here, cookies, or any sort of snack food. It'll creep people out!

3.  Meat Head

You can find these skeleton heads at dollar stores wherever Halloween scare items are found. You just need some prosciutto, cheese, olives. Then slice up some mozzarella cheese balls and just put it right in the eye socket of your skull. Take an olive and half a toothpick and there you have your cheese olive eyes. Now you cover your skull with meat. Cover your skull with tin foil or plastic before adding the meat and serve your tray of terror. This one will be a spooktacular hit!

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