3 huge celebrities making bank in the booze industry

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By: Jared Cotter | Elyse Johnson Posted: 6:45 PM, Jul 10, 2017

Celebrities and alcohol seem like the perfect pairing… In fact Sean Diddy Combs’ vodka line Ciroc partnership has helped him stay at the top of Forbes list of highest paid celebrities, but he's not the only A-lister with a line of alcohol. Jared Cotter has three more huge stars making bank in the booze industry.

1.  Dan Aykroyd with Crystal Head Vodka

It's distilled in Aykroyd’s homeland of Canada and is said to not include any additives. You might blow your top when you see the price tag because a bottle will set you back $40, but the glass skull makes a sporty candy jar or vase after you vaporize the vodka.

2.  Drew Barrymore with Carmel Road Wine

She made her name as a child star in E.T., but now Drew Barrymore is all grown up and making wine. She has a pinot noir, pinot grigio and rosé in the collection. Toasting to the actress will set you back about $22-$28 a bottle.

3.  Kenny Chesney with Blue Chair Bay Rum

The guy who sang "Beer in Mexico" also loves the Virgin Islands and he's trying to bottle up that tropical spirit in his rum line. There are a variety of flavors to hit all those Caribbean notes including coconut and Key lime. For about $20 you too can taste the islands.

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