3 Important Rules for Regifting Unwanted Presents

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 1:56 PM, Dec 6, 2016

Headed to a party and forgot to buy a present? Time to dig around the house and regift! Just beware of getting busted. Lindsey Granger and Y’all Are Rude! author Miss Lora have three important rules to follow when getting rid of unwanted presents this holiday season.

1.  Don’t Give a Gift That Makes No Sense

You don't want to give gardening tools to somebody that lives in an apartment. Make sure you can actually envision the person using the gift you give them.

2.  Don’t Regift in the Same Circle of Friends

Put a note on the gifts you know you aren’t going to keep so you remember who gave you what. This will help you avoid giving them back to the people who gave them to you or someone who knows them.

3.  Don’t Keep the Original Wrapping

Reused wrapping paper gets torn up! Just buy a bag and some tissue paper if you’re going to regift.

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