3 incredible 3D printing breakthroughs changing the world

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 8:46 PM, Mar 23, 2017

One of the hottest things in tech right now is 3D printing. Items that used to be built by a crew of experts are now printed like emails. Hopefully they can print you a new skull because Jared Cotter has three incredible new 3D printing inventions that will blow your mind!

1.  3D-Printed House

It only takes 24 hours to manufacture at a cost of around $10 thousand to make. The first one was built by Apis Core and it has everything a normal house does. The house interior includes a hall a bathroom a living room and a compact functional kitchen with the most modern appliances. The printer is in Russia, but its portable so it can be transported anywhere and the technology is ready for mass use Look for a 3D printed house coming to a neighborhood near you!

2.  3D-Printed Jewelry

Do you have an anniversary coming up? Print some bling for your loved one. For jewelry designer Sarah Graham printing her designs has been a game-changer. This new way to create merges tech and art. Just look at how amazing her pieces are!

3.  3D-Printed Prosthetics

Open Bionics is a tech company that prints affordable prosthetics for people who've lost or were born without hands They have teamed up with game developer Eidos Montréal to assist in the design that can make you a real-life iron man. They don’t have a release date for the availability of printed prosthetics, but they're aiming for some time later this year.

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