3 incredible gadgets for your bedroom

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 4:49 PM, May 4, 2017

Every day you wake up and crawl out of bed, but what if you had gadgets by your side that were so cool, you never wanted to leave. Jared Cotter has three incredible bedroom products you’ll love waking up to.

1.  Ruggie

This is a bedside mat designed to make you stop hitting snooze. The idea is you stand at attention on Ruggie's pressure sensitive memory foam for three seconds that'll shut the alarm off. It also shows the time and its Bluetooth speakers emit encouragement. Pick one up for around $100.

2.  Curvilux Smart Nightstand

This cool invention is a night stand with some smarts. It has a wireless charger for your devices, a Bluetooth speaker to pump out tunes, and an alarm that wakes you with light. It even locks to keep your stuff safe. Pick one up for around $300.

3.  The Barisieur

This is an alarm clock that promises to wake you with sounds and smells because it’s a coffee and tea brewing alarm. You just load it up with water and grounds before you go to bed, set the alarm and brew time. If you don't take your coffee black, a special vessel keeps milk chilled. It even has a USB port to charge your phone. It’s a crowdfunding success and it's available to preorder for around $300 with plans to ship in September.

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