3 incredible invisible items you won’t believe

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By: Donna Ruko | Jared Cotter | Elyse Johnson Posted: 5:18 PM, Jun 20, 2017

People say you have to see it to believe it, but if you can't see it, does it really exist? Donna Ruko and Jared Cotter are counting down three items that are going invisible.

3.  Invisible Coffee

Forget black coffee – now a clear version has been born!  It has all the caffeine of regular coffee, but it won’t stain your teeth and all natural ingredients. It’s currently stocked at Selfridges and Whole Foods in London, but you can order it online where 5 packs of single serve bottles go for about 20 bucks and no, you can't pay with invisible money.

2.  Invisible Leather

When you think of clear clothes you might think of Harry Potter's “Cloak of Invisibility,” but here we're talking about transparent leather. It can be clear or dyed in colors and it's even water resistant. It's made from hide, but tanned and combined with new technology to make it pliable.

1.  Invisible Building

The new trend in architecture uses mirrors to make the structure disappear into the scenery. This house in Palm Springs California called Mirage was a temporary art installation where you really have to look twice to see if it’s a mirror or the actual terrain.


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