3 Innovative New Ways to Access Clean Water

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:08 PM, Nov 17, 2016

Many of us take fresh water from the tap for granted, but that option may not always be available. Happily, new tech is allowing us to harvest it from thin air. Bradley Hasemeyer has three innovative new ways the world will be drinking up clean water.

1.  Fontus

These water bottles could be a game-changer for outdoorsy types. It’s a self-filling bottle with one version using the forward momentum from riding a bike and the other using solar power to capture moisture in the air and condense it into safe drinking water.

2.  EcoloBlue

This is great for a home or office and is about the size of a water cooler. The EcoloBlue uses five stages of filtration, not reverse osmosis which wastes more water.

3.  Water Gen

This is a complex atmospheric water generator that was once exclusively used by the military, but now commercially available and ready to provide fresh water to the most parched areas of our planet. Ten thousand devices could provide enough drinking water for 25 million people without massive infra structure projects, pipes or urban water systems, all for an extremely low cost. You just plug it in and drink.

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