3 Innovative Startups from Ex-Google Employees

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 4:55 PM, Aug 2, 2016

What are Xooglers? No, they're not Pokémon Go characters, or a new superfood. Xooglers are ex-google employees, and Jimmy Rhoades says they're behind a lot of the new tech you'll be using soon. Here are three Xooglers, and their start-ups companies to watch.

1.  Hummings

This is a personal financial advisor that tries to mimic the experience that you would get from a smart friend helping you with your finances. And now you can carry that smart friend in your pocket with the Hummings app. Founder, Katherine Chen, says the Google experience helped start her new venture.

2.  Pointy

Every brick-and-mortar store can have a website that displays all their products, with Pointy. They have a little device that makes it easy. They just attach it to their barcode scanner, and when they scan something, the product's name, and the picture appears straight away on their website.

3.  Blinkbuggy

Here’s a start-up that takes those picture files, and makes them something tangible to share. Your memories quickly turn into a mountain of random digital files. They prompt you once a month to pick your five favorite photos, and then they print, and ship them out.

So the next time you use Google to search for the next big thing, what you find, may have sprung from the belly of the beast itself!

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