3 Innovative Wearables to Track Your Fitness

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 2:47 PM, Jun 28, 2016

Wearable tech has helped us make our workouts more efficient and effective and sales are through the roof! The science behind it is advancing so fast, what seemed innovative a couple years ago is lame already. Donna Ruko has three innovative breakthroughs in wearable tech!

1.  Smart Hat by LifeBeam

This new, smart hat uses tech originally designed for aerospace to monitor your heart rate, steps, and calories burned. This wearable won't just tally your statistics, it'll also throw some old school shade!

2.  Sensoria Smart Sports Bra

Stop guessing and understand what your body is telling you with the smartest sports bra ever. The bra connects to an app and tracks your breathing, heart rate, calories burned, and gives you an estimated recovery time. This smart sports bra’s cutting edge technology and biometric fabric picks up on your body’s deepest signals. It will cost you $149! 

3.  Sensoria Smart Socks

These socks have sensors on the sole that track your stride and can help you improve your pace, distance and how your foot hits the ground. At $199, they're not cheap, but these moisture wicking socks can save you in the long run. They help identify faults in your stride such as landing too hard on your heel or the edges of your feet, which could lead to injury.

These three new trackers will allow you to turn fitness, into fashion, from head to toe!

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