3 items making IKEA your new favorite one stop shop

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By: Teresa Strasser | Todd Covelli Posted: 5:49 PM, Jul 12, 2017

We all know you can get, literally, just about anything at your local IKEA, but the giant furniture company is looking to become even more than just a store for coffee tables, decor, plants, plates, meatballs…(you get the idea). Teresa Strasser is showing you the new items on display that just might turn your IKEA into your new one stop shop for all things home.

1. Sweet Wheels

Hit the road with IKEA's newest Sladda bike. While the bike might seem pricey at first, it intends to save you money later on by providing a rustproof aluminum frame and "maintenance-free" belt drive instead of a bike chain you have to oil. You'll be cruising with confidence on this ride.

2. Cook By Numbers

If you need some help getting a recipe together, then you might want to move to Canada – not for their poutine – for these IKEA parchment paper recipes. They feature instructions and spots on the page for your ingredients; then you can just roll the sheet up and stick it all right in the oven – a coloring book and dinner all in one!

3. Get Smart

If you're looking to decorate your home only the smartest of technology, IKEA's still got you covered. Check out their Tradfri lighting kit that lets you use your smartphone to control it. Pretty smart…

And if you've ever wondered how the store picks the, sometimes hard to pronounce, names for their products, check out this article on IKEA language that gives you the inside look on why some things are named after cities, plants, people, even people!

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