3 jet powered sports toys you’ll want your hands on

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:35 PM, Mar 6, 2017

Extreme sports are getting crazier and crazier but you’ve never seen anything like this before. Check out Filip Flisar go on the ride of his life through Maribor, Slovenia with a little help from a pair of skis…and a jet pack!

If Flisar’s 74 MPH trip through his town got you thinking about what you could strap a jet engine on, get inspired with these 3 adrenaline-pumping, jet engine souped sports mobiles.

1. Jet Powered Bike

You’ll never be stuck in traffic on one of these bikes. Check out what happens when you strap a jet engine to a bicycle.

2. Jet Pack Golf Cart

It sounds crazy but it’s true – Oakley wanted to see if they could make golf even more exciting so they thought, “Why not put a jet pack on something?” Sounds solid to us!

3. Jetlev Water Jet Pack

You can fly as high as the clouds with one of these water oriented jet packs. Take a peek at what it’s like to fly one.

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