3 life lessons from the daddy daughter hair factory

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By: Jessica Robertson Posted: 7:17 PM, Feb 23, 2017

There’s a fun new workshop that is building relationships by teaching an unlikely subject to an unlikely combination of students. It's fathers learning how to do their little girl's hair. Daddy Daughter Hair Factory’s Phil and Emma Morgese are sharing three life lessons they’ve learned from this with Jared Cotter.

1.  It Builds a Bond

It's about connecting with your daughter and that time together is important to communicate back and forth as well as building trust.

2.  Instilling Confidence

This bonding time lets the girl know she’s loved and where she fits in. That builds great confidence that will last forever.

3.  Organizing Communities

One of Emma and Phil’s classes turned into a regular community event. All different types of dads from doctors, lawyers to mechanics have joined in on them. The Daddy Daughter Hair Factory now has 18 chapters nationwide and a fan base that is live-streaming worldwide.

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