3 Lion King song covers to make your speakers roar

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:13 PM, May 26, 2017

Few films are as iconic as The Lion King, which many of us have loved since the age of 5. And with the film getting a reboot soon, we're falling in love with it all over again – that means bringing back all our favorite quotes, pajamas, and finding new renditions of our favorite Lion King songs, like this cover of "Circle of Life" by Peter Hollens:

If you need to pad your Lion King playlist with a few more updated versions of your favorite songs from the film, check out these other three Lion King covers, featuring a rock version of Scar's plan to (spoilers) kill Mufasa, a pop version of Simba and Nala's love song, and a fun mash-up of all the songs in the film, plus pretty awesome make-up.

1. "Be Prepared" Rock/Metal Cover

If you thought Scar's solo was as cool and intense as it possibly could have been, "Be Prepared" (heh) to see it get even cooler, and way more metal, with this cover by Jonathan Young, featuring metal band Peace to Death , that will have you headbanging that mane.

2. The Lion King Medley

In this video, Georgia Merry combines her awesome hair and make-up skills with her beautiful voice to bring you some of your favorite songs from the film with a twist!

3. "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" Pop Remix

Musician Tyler Ward updates one of the most loved songs from the film and turns it into a song you swear you heard on the radio just yesterday.

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