3 meals across America that weigh more than a baby!

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:05 PM, Jul 11, 2017

Nothing says, "America" like a giant plate of delicious food (that may or may not be good for you). We love to indulge in a heaping helping of tasty. But the foods Kristina Guerrero's about to show you aren't just giant – they're monstrous! See if you could take on these mammoth munchies from across America.

1. Bowlero Behemoth Burger – Phoenix, AZ

This bowling alley burger will have you sporting a bowling ball sized belly after devouring – it's 5 whole pounds of beefy goodness. The chefs at the alley recommend the Behemoth for a party of about 10 people, but if you're willing to take it on yourself, you'd make history by finishing it.

2. Cincinnati Chili Challenge – Cinci, OH

Think you love chili? Put that love to the test with Skyline Chile Diner's 8 pound platter of Cincinnati Chili. Our tip for tackling it? Don't eat for, like, a week before trying it – and/or expect to not need to eat for a week after attempting.

3. The Jack N' Grill Burrito – Denver, CO

This giant burrito challenge has a free meal as a prize for you – if you can finish it that is. With 7 pounds of potatoes, egg, and cheese, Jack N' Grill might just want to offer to pay diners' first month of rent at the restaurant since you probably won't be able to move for a while after eating it.

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