3 Mind-Blowing Advances in the Medical World

Science fiction movies have long fantasized about futuristic medical technology. That future is here! Jared Cotter has three mind-blowing advances that are changing the medical world as we know it.

1.  Robot Assisted Surgery

The daVinci Xi Surgical System is a tool that allows doctors to do more precise surgeries through very small incisions. Smaller incisions speed recovery time. Weeks of recovery time can now be done in just days. This cool tech is already being used by some hospitals.

2.  Metro Medical Glue

This will stop bleeding in about one minute, both internally and externally. It claims it can eliminate the need for getting stitches. They are in the human testing phase.

3.  Exovite 3D Printed Cast System

No more holding your arm out the shower after getting a cast on. This invention is waterproof and even has a sensor to monitor the healing process. The company says they are close to clinical trials.

Big thanks to Banner Casa Grande Medical Center!

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