3 Mind-Blowing Waffle Iron Recipes

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By: Cassarah Coffey | Laurel Portie | Jaime Purvis Posted: 3:36 PM, Sep 21, 2016

There’s nothing like a hot, fresh waffle, but that's not the only magic a waffle iron can cook up! Kristina Guerrero has three mind-blowing recipes you can make at home.

1.  The Hamlet

All you need is two eggs, a slice of thick ham, chopped spinach and mozzarella cheese.

Whisk the eggs until fluffy and then mix in dice up ham, spinach, and cheese. Next, heat up the waffle iron and make sure to spray with oil. Pour the mixture into the iron and cook for three to five minutes. Finally, serve up and enjoy the eggcelence of your labor.

2.  The BBQ Pocket

BBQ pork, crescent rolls, and cheddar cheese are all it takes to make this one dish wonder.

Roll out half the rolls on the bottom griddle, fill with pork and sprinkle some cheese. Next, cover with the other half of the rolls and close the seams. And don’t worry if you overfill… They still turn out delicious.

3.  The Cake Waffle

Grab a box of cake mix, icing, oil, eggs, and water to make this sweet cake.

Mix the entire box and the rest of the ingredient together in a bowl. Once it has a smooth consistency, pour the batter into the iron and cook for five minutes. Now, wait for it to cool and layer to your heart’s content with icing and cake. Finally, finish off your cake waffle with sprinkles and dive in. YUM!

You’ll never look at a waffle iron again after making these three delicious recipes.

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