3 mobile apps making your smartphone pics shine

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 4:29 PM, Jun 20, 2017

Instagram now brings in more than 600 million monthly active users so there's a lot of pressure to keep your photos fresh so you stand out. Lindsey Granger has three apps that will keep your pictures shining all summer.

1.  YouCam Perfect

The free app operates as a camera with built in settings to help you take a great picture the first time around. To enable different camera settings simply press the icons to shuffle through the different options. Options include finding the right exposure and focus, helping you to create the perfect picture without overpowering it with a filter.

2.  VSCO

This is called a genetic dietary profile – what is the ratio of carbs, to fat, to protein that is ideal for you based on your DNA. Most tests come with a sample grocery list to give you what a day could look like. The test also shows which foods your body easily metabolizes.

3.  Enlight

This free app gives you creative editing options that can dramatically change the backgrounds and colors of any photo. You can move objects closer apart or further away without altering the entire image. You can even place yourself in a drastically different location without stepping foot out of the house. Try posting that next time your friends take a vacay without you.

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