3 Money-Saving Browser Extensions You Should Install Now

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 2:30 PM, Jun 30, 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were built-in tools built to help you find deals? Hey, they already exist! They're called "browser extensions” and everyone’s talking about Honey! Not the stuff you put in your tea, the browser extension that can save you big money when you buy stuff online. That’s just one of the three browser extensions Jimmy Rhoades says savvy shoppers are loving.

1.  Honey

This extension automatically applies coupon codes for whatever you're buying. No more web searches, no more cutting and pasting codes into that box in the cart; Honey runs all the coupons it finds until it lands on the code that saves you the most money. It doesn't work every time, but it only takes a few seconds, and when it does hit, you can score great savings.

2.  Wallaby

Download Wallaby today and start making smarter financial decisions. Wallaby is both an app for your smartphone, and a browser extension for Chrome that you use at checkout. This extension simplifies your wallet, and helps you to save money by telling you the best credit card to use at stores and online.

Because Credit cards have rotating rewards, some give more points for gas, others for groceries, and sometimes the rewards change by date. Wallaby keeps track of all that so you don't have to!

3.  The Camelizer

You may be familiar with the Amazon price tracking website, Camel-Camel-Camel. They also have a browser extension called, "The Camelizer." As you shop, click this extension to reveal the peaks and valleys in Amazon pricing. If the price currently high, you can set alerts to notify you when the price drops to a target that you set, based on the price history.

You can look at the Amazon price, third party prices, and used prices. Or uncheck boxes to clean up the graph and see only what you want.

Now you’re ready to shop like a pro, thanks to these three super saving browser extensions!

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