3 mountain bike stunts making our jaws drop

If you're afraid of heights and precarious situations, this video might make you watch through your finger tips. After seeing a remote, backcountry hut in an Alaskan guidebook, professional freeride mountain biker Eric Porter decided he'd find it. But the only way to get there? A trail that pushes, drags, and curves riders, making it a tightrope style trek that only the brave and skilled can survive. Does Porter make it? See what happens in this video by Red Bull:

Talk about heartstopping! If you want to see what other crazy mountain bikers see, without risking life and limb, check out these 3 other awesome stunt videos featuring an award-winning ride, a trip to Walmart, and a ride that puts you in the driver's seat…or on the driver's seat, I guess…

1. Video of the Year: Best Mountain Bike Shot Ever

The jumps Brandon Semenuk nails in this video are CRAZY. You'll be thinking, "there's no way…" and then boom: landed. And, no big deal, but this video just so happens to be the winner of Outside Television's 2015 Video of the Year and got Semenuk the title of first mountain biker to film a full biking segment in a single continuous shot. Awesome.

2. Downhill Mountain Bike POV

Get into the head, and eyes, of mountain biker Rémy Métailler as he treks up a huge rocky mountain, makes it to the top, and rides all those rocks all the way down. Are you brave enough to make it through all 63 seconds?

3. Walmart Huffy Meets Mountain Bike Trail

Mountain bike trails can be some of the most demanding trails out there…but are they a match for a bike from Walmart?? Professional downhill racer Phil Kmetz decided to test his curiosity and see what happens when he takes a big box store bike on the open trails.

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