3 must-have apps to survive summer

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:28 PM, Jun 27, 2017

Whether you're spending the summer chasing the sun or mastering the grill, Lindsey Granger has a few apps that'll help make the most of your sunny days.

1. Geocaching

This fun app can take you to amazing and beautiful places, or even just to a place in your town that you've never been before. The free application will get you outside and searching for hidden treasures in your area. Just choose the geocahce you want to find and navigate to its location. Geocaching isn't always easy so it's OK to get excited when you discover the cache. After finding it, sign the log book, trade knickknacks if you want, and log your find online.

2. Serial Box

This app brings you gripping stories written by talented award winning teams of writers with new episodes every week. All you do is subscribe to a story channel that piques your interest and then tune in as episodes play out over the course of 10-16 weeks. The app is free and each story cost $2 or less.

3. Dark Sky

Our lives are filled with short term outdoor activities such as walking the dog, flying a kite, sports and lunch with friends. With this app, while doing these things you'll never be caught in the rain again. The application uses information from the National Weather Service to give you all the info you need to stay dry. It costs about $4 which is a small price to pay to avoid getting soaked.

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