3 Must-Have Holiday Cooking Apps

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 9:08 PM, Nov 14, 2016

You’re probably looking at your smartphone instead of recipe cards while trying to make holiday dinners for the family so Lindsey Granger found three must-have cooking apps that will help with the cooking.

1.  Out of Milk

This app allows you to compile a list of spices, condiments and anything in the pantry that you would like to keep track of. You’ll never waste or forget ingredients again! It even shows you the nearest deals in town!.

2.  Yummly

A tasty holiday dinner begins with a great recipe and this app scours the web for the cream of the crop, from famous chefs, like Martha Stewart. It has more than 1 million recipes all in one place and even helps people with food allergies find dishes that work for them.

3.  Thyme

If you have three pots on the stove, two dishes in the oven and a family that's been talking about this meal for months then timing is critical. Happily, this app is on your side. You can set 5 simultaneous timers — one for your oven or microwave and four more for stove top burners. The convenient display makes it easy to see which dish is ready with countdown timers running in the background.

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