3 mystery party packs making game night a scream

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 11:53 PM, Sep 12, 2017

We love gathering for some quality time with our favorite friends but "wine night", "game night" and "TV binge night" themes can get kind of old. The last people you want to bore are your buds, so Jared Cotter is showing you how to shake things up at your next get together with 3 party kits that will bring the True Detective out of you and your crew.

1. Escape the Crate

Bring the fun of an "escape the room" game home with Escape the Crate. In this murder mystery, you're transported back in time to 1718 and onto a pirate ship! You and your friends will have to solve riddles, discover hidden items, and crack codes to escape the ship alive – and that's just the beginning.

Head to the game's website to pick up a subscription for one of Escape the Crate's adventures, delivered right to your door! Each subscription costs around $30.

2. Hunt a Killer

If you love watching crime dramas and want to test your chops at solving murder mysteries, Hunt a Killer might be the challenge you're looking for. When you order an experience, you'll receive a package with a creepy case inside to investigate, including haunting puzzles for you to solve, as the killer taunts you with letters and dark stories.

Become a detective overnight with a long term subscription to Hunt a Killer for around $30 – or, if you're too scared for a full membership, head to the site to see how you can get a one-time experience…but you might be hooked after one…

3. Mystery Experiences Company

This mystery subscription box will put you behind the walls of the super spooky Bedlam Asylum where patients are mysteriously disappearing. There, you'll be tasked with finding out what really happened to them using FBI reports, forensic evidence, and more – all while trying to keep your own sanity.

Get your spook on with a one time subscription for around $30 per month – or get ready for a long time of creepy crawlies with a long term subscription.

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