3 New Apps That Let You Love Without Limits

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 7:05 PM, Nov 4, 2016

Happily our society's definition of love has expanded and become much more inclusive. The same thing is happening on our smartphones. Lindsey Granger found three apps that let you love without limits.

1.  Love Emoji

Couples of all genders and races have a new way of documenting their love. Focus Features released an app which gives people the chance to use interracial couple and interracial family emoji for the first time.

2.  OneGoodCrush

Dating apps Tinder and Match offer same-sex dating options, but they do not let users self-identify as anything other than a male or female. OneGoodCrush does! It supports the LGBTQ community and matches heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transgender singles looking for love.

3.  Bristlr

This unique dating app only makes users identify in one of two ways — those with beards and those without beards. What is intentionally absent from the sign up process is any kind of gender identifier. Make new friends, new relationships or just chat.

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