3 new dating apps for the most unique hobbies

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By: Lindsey Granger | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:26 PM, Sep 1, 2017

The season of "Cuffing" is inching closer and closer, the time where the weather starts to get chillier and singles everywhere start looking for a partner to stay warm with. If you can't find someone to snuggle close to as the temps drop, Lindsey Granger has 3 new apps helping chilly singles find love, no matter how weird your hobby, how long your beard, or how much stuff you hate.

1. Be a Hater

The Hater Dating App connects you with singles in your area and all the things they don't like, from music, to food, to weird fashion trends. Everyone loves to have things in common with their mate, but real relationship friction arises when you hate something your mate loves and vice versa. So don't start relationships based on what you both – start them based on what you both hate!

Doing so might just save you a few arguments down the line…

2. Find Your Beard

If you like your partner with a little (or a lot) of facial hair, get yourself on Bristlr. This social app connects you with others in your area for hanging, chatting, and dating. The only catch – you've got to decide if you like a beard on you, on a mate, or not at all.

It sounds like a super easy choice to make, but some people just look so good both ways!

3. Have High Standards

If you or someone you know uses medicinal or recreational marijuana and want a companion who's also about that life, check out High There, considered by some to be the go-to social app for the cannabis community.

The app connects you with other marijuana-friendly people in your area and has even been credited for helping some couples get engaged! See how high your love can go with this one…get it?

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