3 New Gadgets Revolutionizing the Way You Sleep

Sleep disorders are such a problem that in 2017 for the first time ever, CES, the world's biggest consumer electronics show, hosted the sleep tech marketplace and some innovative new gadgets were introduced. Jared Cotter and Sleep Junkies Jeff Mann have three highlights that will revolutionize the way you sleep.

1. Kryo Sleep Performance System   

Body temperature is one of the most important aspects to determine the quality of our sleep. Sixty degrees is considered the ideal temp to create cycles and improve sleep. This system lets you set the sleep temperature you prefer. Then set your wake up time and the system will slowly warm up in the morning. It also monitors the quality of your sleep by using Wi-Fi and a fitness tracker to chart your progress. The Kryo expects to ship in November and costs around $400.

2. 2breathe

Combined with a mobile app it transforms your breathing into tones to induce sleep. It senses the rhythm of your breathing and sends out audio tones which you follow. 2breathe learns your patterns overnight and generates profiles to help you fall asleep faster. This cool gadget is available online now for around $180.

3.  Nightingale Smart Sleep System

This one is great for light sleepers or noisy homes. Comfortable sound blankets are optimized to mask noises so you sleep better and wake up refreshed. Simply plug in two units on either sides of the bed then set the room type and Nightingale creates a noise cancelling envelope. It is available online for around $250.

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