3 New Gadgets Taking the Chore Out Of Pet Care

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Orlando Morales Posted: 3:58 PM, Sep 19, 2017

Pets are our best friends which means we want them to know how loved they are! If you're looking for the newest, coolest ways to spoil your pets, look no further than this list! Kristina Guerrero has got 3 of the latest pet gadgets that mean fun for your furry friends and easier pet care for you!

1. Bissell Bark Bath

Sometimes on bath day, getting everything you need ready and getting your pup into the tub can take longer than actually bathing them! Take the work out of freshening up Fido by picking up this portable dog washing system that cleans them off and dumps the dirt. Pick one up for around $150.

2. Brilliant Pad

Teach your pup to potty inside with this indoor doggie potty that cleans itself! The pad absorbs moisture, dries solids, and even seals away waste and smells! Preorder one for your pad for $150…get it? Your pad…?

3. Playdate

If, like most pet owners, you wish you could stay home and play with your kittens and puppers all day, pick up the Playdate toy. The ball has a camera, microphone, and speakers that you can control no matter where you are. Head to their website to find out when you can pre-order yours! Just make sure after you get it that your pet doesn't get it stuck under the couch…that won't make for a lot of fun.

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