3 New Gadgets That Will Keep You Safe & Secure

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By: Brian Corsetti | Orlando Morales Posted: 4:11 PM, Dec 20, 2016

There are a bunch of new tech items coming out to help protect you from theft, but which ones are the best? Brian Corsetti has the top three anti-theft gadgets that will keep you safe and secure.


Angle grinders can make minced meat out of most locks and with 1.5 million bikes stolen each year, this gadget is trying to fight back. If thieves cut this bad boy they get a spray of noxious that is a harmful chemical. You can pre-order one up for around $120.

2.  Bobby, the Best Anti-Theft Backpack

This one fights pickpockets with a unique design — no outside compartments and hidden zippers that require you to take the bag off to open. It also has hidden pockets for go to items and will even charge your cellphone. Pick one up for around $95.

3.  The Package Guard

This one was created to stop thieves from nabbing your deliveries. Couriers place your package on top of this Wi-Fi connected Frisbee looking thing. It then sends you a text notifying you of your delivery. If some parcel-poaching punk tries to grab it before you get home it triggers a hundred decibel alarm. Pick one up for around $70.

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