3 new gadgets to zap your bug problems away

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By: Orlando Morales Posted: 3:10 PM, Jun 30, 2017

Pests invading your home are always annoying, but recently there have been new gadgets that'll zap them, trap them and one even lets you shoot them down.  Jared Cotter has three new products busting bugs.

1.  Bug-A-Salt 2.0

With a deadly combination of pump action and plastic, Bug-A Salt uses table salt to take down pesky flies. Once you fill it, it's good for 50 shots and has a range of three feet. Pick one up for around $40.

2.  INADAYS InaTrap

This is an elegant electronic insect killer that also doubles as a night light. It even has a fan that’s supposed to suck up bug-bodies. Pick one up for around $80.

3.  My Critter Catcher

Here’s a humane way to remove pests from your home. This one has bristles that wrap around and trap insects hopefully without harming them — allowing you to take them back to their natural habitat. Pick one up for around $20.

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