3 New Ways Tech is Helping You Sleep

We keep track of our steps, we eat the right foods, but are we paying enough attention to our sleep? Jared Cotter found three gadgets that will keep an open eye on your shut eye.

1.  Smart Nora

This is a simple contact free anti-snoring solution. Place the pump near the bed and slip the expander under the pillow. Just tap the egg-shaped device to activate it. When you start snoring, Nora gently moves your head so you stop before your partner wakes up. This movement will help open up your airway to eliminate the snoring. Pick one up for around $300.

2.  SleepScore Max

Exercise is critical to your health. So you measure it. The same goes for your diet. A lot of sleep tracking info can be confusing and overwhelming. This guidance can be as simple as using ear plugs and turning off electronics or creating a new exercise routine. The SleepScore max is available now for around $150.

3.  Circadia

Circadia is a light therapy device that uses radar scanning of your sleep habits and artificial intelligence to create a personalized sleep therapy plan. The app gives you feedback throughout the day to help improve your sleep.

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