3 new wearable cameras always capturing your life

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Orlando Morales Posted: 2:27 PM, Mar 9, 2017

Most of us have had those moments where we want to snap a photo, take a video or record sound, but miss it because we didn't get to our phone fast enough. Luckily, there are new wearables that record every moment of your day so that will never happen again. Kristina Guerrero has three high-tech wearable cameras, Perfect Memory Camera, Senstone and Narrative Clip 2, that are always capturing your life.

1.  Perfect Memory Camera

This is an elegant wearable that wants to be a digital video recorder for your life. It records high-definition video, stills and even captures audio. The most convenient feature is you don't have to edit hours of footage later to get to your highlights. You can set it to record continuously and if something cool happened just tap it and it will save up to the last five minutes. You can preorder one now for around $140.

2.  Senstone

This is a powerful pendant that wants to record those sudden bursts of inspiration. It’s for audio recording only and will save the sound of your voice onto your smartphone. It has a battery life of four days so you'll never lose a muse and it even has a setting that transcribes your voice into text. Preorder one for around $100 and they should start shipping in September.

3.  Narrative Clip 2

This camera stores 4,000 eight mega pixel photos or records 80 minutes of 1080p video. If you give it a double tap it will start recording up to 30 seconds of video and then you can view and share it from their app on your smartphone. Pick one up for around $200.

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