3 new wearables that will keep you warm this winter

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 8:15 PM, Sep 6, 2017

It's hard to believe that winter will be here in just a few months, but at least there are some cool new ways to stay warm this year. Jared Cotter has three wearables that will be heating up the chilly season.

1. HALLAM New York

This smart jacket features 40 functions for iPhone and Android users. It's said to be the ultimate customizable utility jacket with mobile device charging, pockets for USB batteries, headphones, keys and more. Retractable gloves, neck pillow and a sleep shade in the hoodie let you chill in comfort. LED lights on the sleeves and hood keep you safe at night. The jacket starts at around $180 and expects to ship this January.

2. Ravean Down 2.0

It's got the heat where you need it: upper body, pockets, gloves and a heated hood for your dome. Two battery pockets under the arms give you double the battery life plus the ability to charge mobile devices. You can go with the jacket only or include the heated hood, gloves and batteries. Also, it's weather resistant. The jacket starts at around $170 and expects to ship sometime this month.

3.  PolarSeal

This is a super light, unique base layer perfect for sports and outdoor adventure. Instant heat at the touch of a button: high, medium and low in two heating zones. Activate both or one at a time. Plug in a USB power bank and keep your torso toasty for up to eight hours. The PolarSeal will run you about $140 and ships in November.

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