3 next-level awesome coffee tables coming soon

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:55 PM, Apr 6, 2017

When you're watching TV you’re probably with your loyal four legged companion and it’s not your dog… it’s your coffee table. Jared Cotter has three super cool ones that are coming out soon.

1.  TAYBLES B-Side

The design is an oversized replica of the classic mixtape and it features a wooden body with extreme attention to detail. The magnetic strip is a hidden shelf, the reels, stainless steel cup holders and its surface is a dry-erase board, allowing you to leave mixed messages. It's available to preorder for around $300.

2.  Sobro

This is the future of furniture because it’s designed for your connected lifestyle. It features LED lights, charging ports and Bluetooth speakers. The best part is it has a refrigerated drawer to keep drinks as cool as it is. A crowdfunding success, it's available to preorder for around $600 and plans to ship in September.

3.  Table Pong Project

This is another one with a retro feel to it. This time based on a beloved video game. It has "project" in the name because their team worked for three years to create a 3D version of the 3D legend. They achieved this unreal looking, physical take on the vintage game with different magnets, surfaces and motors, creating seamless game play that'll be the hit of any house party. Killing it on crowdfunding, it's available to preorder for around $1,100 and plans to ship in December.

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