3 next-level streaming hacks

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 4:47 PM, Apr 25, 2017

According to the Connected Home Report 49 million households in the U.S. have an internet connected TV or streaming media device. No matter which device you have, Lindsey Granger has a few hidden tricks to stream like a pro.

1.  Roku Mobile App

The handy mobile remote makes it easy to control your Roku streaming device from your phone or tablet. Besides who wants to search letter by letter for a show anyway? You can even use voice search to find your favorite entertainment. If everyone in the house can't agree on one show then the private listening feature lets you listen without disturbing others.

2.  Apple TV Dinner & Date

If you're taken, but love stealing your friends Tinder profile for fun, group Tinder is now a reality with Apple TV. Transform the happy hour pastime into a fun event before streaming a movie and don't forget the pizza. When you order Papa Johns from your Apple TV you get 25 percent off your order. Besides ordering pizza on the TV screen is just more fun. That’s dinner and a movie done right!

3.  Watch Facebook Videos on Chromecast

More than 100 million hours of videos are consumed daily on Facebook and holding your phone up to watch them is exhausting. When you find a video in your newsfeed just tap the TV icon Then you can send a live Facebook broadcast straight to your TV – making it even easier to spend hours on social media.

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