3 of the craziest food combos you’ve ever seen

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:55 PM, May 1, 2017

Eating out at restaurants is fun but when you make food at home, you spend more time with fam and friends and get to save cash. But you also get to flex your inner Gordon Ramsey and make stuff you'd never be able to find at a restaurant near you. And while Chef Ramsey might be too afraid to make food like this at his fancy bistros (Yeah, we said it!), JP and Juila from HellthyJunkFood weren't afraid to make this pizza with a burger inside it…surrounded by two other pizzas. Yup.

Their channel is called "HELL"-thy for a reason…and it's not because their creations come with a side of broccoli. Check out HellthyJunkFood's channel to see them make all kinds of giant food that's larger than life and great for big families and parties. They also do copy-cat recipes of fast food chains, giving everyone the opportunity to make their favorite junk food treats at home. And peep KidBehindACamera's channel, a special guest in their "Pizza Inside a Burger Inside a Pizza" video.

If you need to see more crazy food mountains and ingenious inventions, check out these 3 videos of crazy food creations featuring 'outta this world grilled cheese, cereal shots, and a pretty cheesy cake…And bonus! You can make all these bonkers munchies at home!

1. Galaxy Grilled Cheese

If you're super into the galaxy/unicorn/sparkles trend hitting food these days, you'll be happy to know that there's a galaxy hack for your grilled cheese. See how simple it is to take your sandwich into outer space with this recipe.

2. Lucky Charms Shot Glass

Have you ever taken a shot and thought, "This shot was so good that I would eat the inside of this glass to taste more of it?" No? Well, now you can, with JP and Julia's edible shot glass.

3. Piece of Cake Pizza Cake

If you just can't shake your pizza craving after watching HellthyJunkFood's pizza-burger-pizza video, get your fix with this creation that takes cake to the next level…

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