3 On-the-Go Ways You Can Learn a New Instrument

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 5:15 PM, Dec 13, 2017

Do you wish you could learn a new musical instrument, but don't think you'll ever find the time? Well, thanks to a magic of technology, you can pick up a new instrument – while you're on the go! Jared Cotter's showing you how to go from a musical novice to an expert with 3 gadgets that'll teach you anywhere: on your commute, on vacation – even at the office (when no one's looking).

1. Freedrum

Want to practice some sweet drum moves, but don't have a drum pad? Turn any spot into a drum studio with Freedrum. As long as you have a pair of drumsticks, you're ready to rock. Two Freedrum sensors attach to your drumsticks – and you can even attach a sensor to your foot for bass drum practice. The sensors connect wirelessly to your smartphone so you can play along to your favorite jams. You'll also be able to practice form, learn new rhythms, and even come up with your own creative solos.

You can pick up the drums and take them everywhere you go by grabbing the Freedrum set from the company's website for around $235.

2. Jammy

Jammy is a portal digital guitar that puts all the sound and power of a full-sized guitar with a 19 inch neck into a guitar that can shrink down to just over a foot long. So, if you're practicing at home, but have to run out, you can still bring your guitar along with you to practice!

You don't even need a smartphone to power Jammy – just pop in your earphones and get to, well, jammin'! The guitar also lets you work with an app to help you learn new songs – and once you feel like you're ready to start showing people your stuff, you can even record your own playing!

You can learn to play guitar on the go by picking up a Jammy from the company's website.

3. The Kombos Keyboard

If you've always wanted to learn how to tickle some ivories, but don't have the room in your home for a full-sized keyboard, get your practicing in on the go with the Kombos Keyboard. Depending on the size you need, the Kombos Keyboard can be as long as 61 keys, or, can compact to as short as 25 keys – without losing any playing quality.

The keyboard is also Bluetooth enabled and, wherever your adventures take you, the keyboard will still be able to jam, thanks to its 8 hours of continuous battery life. If you want to take your piano skills on the go, pick up The Kombos Keyboard from the company's website for around $200.

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