3 Online Security Tips from the World’s Greatest Hacker

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 5:04 PM, Feb 16, 2018

As our technology gets better, so do hackers. Way too many Americans have had their personal information stolen by computer thieves and we don't want to see you become a victim. So how do you keep yourself safe? Kristina Guerrero talked to hacking expert Kevin Mitnick, once named "The World's Greatest Hacker", to find out the three best things you can do to stay safe online.

1. Don't Choose Your Own Password

Mitnick says you should use a password manager to generate a random password for each site you visit and even save them all for you. That way, you don't fall into a rut of super predictable passwords while also preventing a hacker from using one password to break into all your websites.

2. Do The Two-Step

Using two-factor authentication on websites and apps helps you stay in control of who's signing into your accounts. With a second measure of authentication, even if your password is somehow stolen, hackers still won't be able to steal your stuff since they won't be getting the authentication code.

3. Avoid Public WIFI

Accessing private info on public WIFI opens your phone and its accounts up to being easily broken into. So only use your WIFI on only your device. And if you have to use a public network, use a virtual private network service, or VPN.

And to learn more about how to keep yourself safe online from the hacker extroidinaire, Kevin Mitnick, pick up a copy of his book, The Art of Invisibility.

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