3 Out-Of-This World Science Fiction Beauty Products

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 6:03 PM, Dec 8, 2016

The science fiction trend has taken over in pop culture and now the beauty world is getting in the action. Donna Ruko has some products that seem like they’re right out of the future, but you can actually purchase now.

1.  Light Therapy Mask

You put the mask on, push the button, and then let the lights work their magic for 10 minutes. This glowing gadget is supposed to help with acne and will run you around $35.

2.  Magnetic Mask

Apply the product, let it soak in for five to 10 minutes and then remove. This magnetic cream is said to firm and tighten, but it will cost you. Dr Brandt Magnetight Age Defier Mask is $75 and the Black Luster Mask is about $50.

3.  Cosmic Product Names

Even the names of products are getting a cosmic twist like Dancing on the Moon, Nebula 1 and Nebula 2. They are all sure to keep you smelling galactically good.

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