3 Over-the-Top Ways to Rock the Rose Gold Trend

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By: Donna Ruko | Todd Covelli Posted: 9:31 PM, Dec 14, 2016

Celebrities and fashion bloggers can't get enough of rose gold. Now tech companies and the auto industry have also taken a shine to this hot trend. Maybe a little too much! Donna Ruko has three over-the-top examples.

1.  Cobalt Valkyrie-X Private Plane

It is one of the fastest piston engine planes in the world, and at $1.5 million, will drain that bank account even faster. You can buy it at Neiman Marcus.

2.  Michael Kors Access Smartwatch

Fashion icon Michael Kors has always had a thing for the rosier side of gold, but now he's taking it high-tech. The Access smartwatch is powered by Android and compatible with Apple's iOS as well. Pick one up for around $350.

3.  Cadillac Escalade

A lot of the fashion for cars comes from fashion and jewelry, so you accent your cars like you'd accent your wardrobe. Jim Lewis of Pro Motorsports says factories are now starting to feature rose gold options and trim.

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