3 peeling gadgets you never knew you needed (until now)

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 5:35 PM, Sep 8, 2017

Most of us love fruits and veggies, but some of them can be a down right pain to peel and enjoy. Luckily there are products to help and Jared Cotter is taking a look at a three that you’ll want in your kitchen.

1. Rotato Express

This is a $20 fruit and veggie peeler that wants to rip the rind off your produce. Just slide the food holder up and stick your fruit or veggies on the spikes. It will peel the skin off in one continuous curl, automatically stopping when it reaches the bottom. Since it creates one big curly cue of a peel, cleanup is easy.

2. Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper

This is a handy way to remove corn from the cob. Normally you just grab the cob and run a knife down the sides, but if this does the job better. It might be worth the $8 investment.

3.  Pineapple Peel 'n' Core

This is an $8 gizmo that wants to shuck pineapple out of its prickly shell. Buying pre sliced pineapple is more expensive than doing it yourself so this could save you a bunch of money.

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