3 pet friendly organizations that’ll make your tail wag

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By: Donna Ruko Posted: 5:41 PM, Jun 15, 2017

We love our pets: they go on adventures with us and cheer us up when we're down – so many of us would do just about anything for our fur babies, but there are still so many pets out there that need help. Good thing, some of us have gone the extra mile to make life better for animals everywhere. Meet 3 organizations you may not have heard of that are changing the lives of pets and owners for the better – and for the wags and smooches.

1. Show Your Soft Side

To show kids that standing up against animal abuse is not only the right thing to do, but the strong thing to do, Show Your Soft Side recruited NFL linebackers, rockers, roller derby girls – the toughest people they could find – and had them pose with pups and kittens. The posters were put in schools first then spread to parks, homes, and even other countries, sending the message that the toughest people stand up for the most innocent floofs.

2. Gunnar's Wheel Foundation

After an accident, Gunnar the dog needed a cart to get around. His family's community did all they could to help Gunnar out and the family was so inspired that they decided to return the favor to others by creating the Gunnar's Wheels Foundation. The organization helps other dogs get around with their fleet of loaner carts, helping more tails wag, no matter their need.

3. Cones of Fame

No longer do dogs have to feel ashamed of their cones after a procedure! After noticing coned shelter pets weren't getting adopted, two friends decided to create unique, eye-catching e-collars to give the dogs an upper paw on adoption – spoiler alert: the plan totally worked.


If you got the feels from these organizations' do-gooding, have a laugh on us with this video of pets doing pretty silly things. You're welcome.

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