3 “pig-ture” perfect life lessons from Hollywood hogs

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Posted: 10:12 PM, Feb 28, 2017

From your favorite book to your favorite movie, a few famous pigs have been teaching us how to be the best we can be for a long time. Celebrate National Pig Day by taking a minute to thank and appreciate the pigs the Hollywood hogs that taught us how to be better people through the movies we loved them in.

1.  Don’t Hide Yourself Under A Pig Blanket: Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is known as the sassy, fashionista pig with a “love me or leave me” attitude.  For years she’s been teaching us how to own who you are and not change for any director or any critic. Known for her glamorous gowns, feather boas, and feisty demeanor, Miss Piggy doesn’t let anyone tell her what she can or can’t wear or tell her what a lady should or shouldn’t do (or yell, perhaps). Miss Piggy’s loud and proud message to us all: Don’t be ashamed of who you are, whether you’re pretty in pink and boisterous like Miss Piggy or a bit more shy like her beau Kermit the frog.  And if anyone doesn’t like the star power you know you’ve got, knock some sense into them with a quick karate chop.

2.  Stick Up for the Little Pig: Wilbur, Charlotte’s Web

Loveable piglet Wilbur was just a regular pig looking to make friends on his new farm when he met Charlotte the spider. Wilbur could have ignored her or been totally grossed out by her bug eating habit, but he saw her sweet, friendly nature while other animals might’ve been confused or terrified of her. And it was his willingness to accept and understand her that led to her using her web to save him from ending up on the dinner table. Wilbur ends up caring so much for Charlotte, that in the end of the story, he even offers Templeton the rat his whole slop dinner, one night, in exchange for help to save her babies, proving loyalty is thicker than slop (so to speak). And for his loyalty, he’s rewarded with new spider friends and a new lease on life. Wilbur taught us that it’s seeing the best in people and taking care of the people that mean the most to you is what makes you “some pig”. Accolades are nice and state fair prizes might be better but at the end of the day, it’s the “terrific”, “radiant” people in your corner (or your rafters) that matter.

3.  Hakuna Matata: Pumbaa

Pumbaa’s life lesson for us might be even bigger than he is. Through song and dance, Pumbaa taught us how to let the tough things in life go with his and Timone’s no worries philosophy. Life can get stressful sometimes and when you dwell on the not-so-swell, it can slow you down by bumming you out! But if you take Pumbaa’s advice, focus on the good of today instead of the bad of the past, and go forward with no worries about the negativity of others, you can hakuna matata your way to the top of your Pride Rock with confidence in yourself and a positive outlook on the savannas ahead of you.

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