3 Pinterest-worthy twists on played out theme parties

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By: Lindsey Granger | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 8:28 PM, Aug 23, 2017

If you think your chances to party as a grown up are gone because you're way past the engagement party stage; already had a bachelor party; and you aren't into baby showers – think again. Lindsey Granger and David Twigger, dapper Creative Director at Vermilion Events, are showing you 3 new party concepts popping up online and helping adults get their party groove back.

1. Snips, Chips, and Dips

If there's a party for when you get pregnant, and there are parties for your kids' birthdays, shouldn't there be a party for when you're done having kids? Well now there is – more and more people are throwing Vasectomy Parties.

Don't worry, you won't go under the knife at these parties – Snips, Chips, and Dips parties are thrown for a couple when they decide they're done having kids and want to share the news with a bang. These parties are also held for couples to make an official announcement that they've decided not to have kids at all. Both are important decisions in a couple's life that they'll still want to celebrate; and no one should be left out of a reason to party!

2. Push Party

If you're planing a baby shower soon, but aren't into frilly decorations, diaper games with melted chocolate, or anything related to speaking in baby talk, think about throwing a Push party instead. The "push" comes from the "push present", which is an encouraging gift a partner gives a baby's mother before or after the baby shower (since they usually aren't invited).

But the cool, and finally modern, thing about Push parties is that anyone can come – that's right, men – you're allowed! And, since it's a party about the baby's parents embarking on their new parenting journey, the gifts don't have to be baby clothes and Diaper Genies – the gifts are for the parents! So bring perfume, jewelry, even lingerie, anything to help the parents stay sane after baby arrives.

3. Dadchelor Parties

Who says the ladies get to have all the pre-baby fun? Dadchelor parties are parties that specifically celebrate Dad-to-be. Often, these parties are designed to give a guy a good time before all the real responsibility of being someone's Dad starts. That could mean anything he likes, from a day with the guys and some cocktails, cornhole, and lawn games, to a baby shower style party with diaper and guess-the-baby-food games.

You can even have a "Dress Like a Dad" contests for who can put together the cringe-worthiest Dad outfit! Just don't tell your Dad if you're dressing up as him – that might be awkward.

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