3 Popular Apps You Didn’t Know Teens Created

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By: Brian Corsetti | Dave Taylor Posted: 9:41 PM, Oct 10, 2016

Most of us assume that apps are designed by younger people — but how young? Brian Corsetti found a three teens who are the masterminds behind some popular ones in the App Store and Google Play.

1.  Sit With Us by Natalie Hampton

The California 16-year-old created this app to make sure no one has to sit alone at lunch. Anyone who doesn't know where to go, or know who to sit with, can join your lunch and make friends with you.

2.  Bond by Daniel Singer

He’s another California 16-year-old who made an app that's all about socializing. It works as a matchmaking app — whether you want to make new friends or find a date.

3.  Treasure Box Braille by Jenna Pessack

This Canadian teen co-founded the app with her team, The Classy Cyborgs. It announces words and letters to blind users while it constructs the phrase in braille on a simulator — allowing kids to feel the way the sound is spelled on the gadget.

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