3 Portable Fitness Products That Bring the Gym to You

Are you one of the millions of people who don’t have time to work out? Well now there’s no excuse! Jared Cotter found three new pieces of portable fitness equipment that bring the gym to you.

1. Doubleflex Black

This is a 2 pound fold up device that the manufacturer say is more effective than training with free weights. The creators based their product on NASA technology that was used to train astronauts in space. For around $99 you get the DoubleFlex Travel Gym package with leg and door attachments and a DVD that with 9 different workouts.

2. BodyBoss 2.0

If strength and resistance training is your passion this one might be for you. The fold up platform comes with resistance bands and a workout bar, allowing you to do lots of different exercises. For around $179 you get a basic package and access to the workout program of your choice.

3.  BionicGym

If you want your workout to be done for you then the creators of the Bionic Gym say to wrap their gel pads around your thighs to burn the same amount of calories you would from running a marathon. And you never have to get off the couch! For around $399 you may be on your way to the bionic body of your dreams.

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