3 Products from ‘Shark Tank’ Available on Amazon

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:22 PM, Oct 11, 2017

The fine people over at the hit ABC series Shark Tank have made many entrepreneurs dreams come true. A lot of the products we first see on the show are now available on Amazon so Teresa Strasser has three cool ones worth checking out.

3.  Nerdwax

They turned down the Sharks, but are still slinging them today on Amazon. It wants to keep your glasses in place with a beeswax.

2.  Go Cubes

It’s basically 100 milligrams of caffeine compressed into a portable cube. They valued their company at $40 million which was way too much for the Sharks so they passed, but you can pick them up on Amazon now.

1.  Squatty Potty

They claim it's simple science. If you can't get the last scoop out of the carton, with the Squatty Potty you get complete elimination. Spend too much time on the chamber pot, Squatty Potty lets you go twice as fast or your they say this have a money back guarantee. Since their dunk in the tank they released some other products like this Plushy Pooping Unicorn and a Poop Emoji Plunger. How cute!

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