3 Products Helping You Eat & Drink in the Shower

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 5:28 PM, Nov 24, 2017

Life can get hectic, so when you find the time to relax, you've got to relax right. For a lot of us, time in the shower is a welcome pause to the craziness of the day. So why not take that relaxation break to the next level? We've shown you how to relaxing with your favorite beverage in the shower, but you shouldn't have to worry about the logistics, so here's 3 ways you can make it even easier to get your full shower relaxation on.

1. Sippy Cups Aren't Just for Kids

There's no better way to let your stresses melt away than with a hot bath and your favorite drink. But there's no bathtime buzzkill like dropping your drink or watering it down with shower water. Now, you can fully relax with no water worries, thanks to Vino2Go's insulated sippy cup!

The BPA free tumbler lets you fill your glass with your drink of choice and take it into the tub, the shower – anywhere you want to go to take a load off. It also keeps your drink at the right temperature while keeping you safe from broken glass, or worse, a spilled drink. Pick up the original Vino2Go for around $10.

2. Set It and Forget It

Your shower's got a caddy for all your other relaxation essentials: the shampoo, the soap, the loofah; so, why shouldn't it feature a caddy for your favorite drink? Now it can, thanks to the SipCaddy!

This cupholder features a powerful suction cup that's strong enough to hold anything from bottles, to wine glasses, coffee mugs, and cans from 6 ozs up to 24 ozs. So kick up your feet and put up your drink by picking up one of these caddies for around $14. And, bonus, if you love your SipCaddy, post a picture of it on your social media page and if SipCaddy reposts it, they'll send you and a friend a free SipCaddy! Score!

3. Good Enough to Eat

Now that you can have a caddy for your drink, go the whole nine yards and put one up, just for your snacks! Caddies with tall sides can help keep your favorite food treats safe while you get your relax on! You can even use it to keep utensils in the shower so you can get right to chowing down.

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