3 Quick and Easy Summer Drinks for Kids

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:55 PM, Jul 21, 2016

Looking for a fun summer drink that will keep this kids cool this hot summer? You’re in luck! We are looking at beverages that are sure to wet the little ones summer party whistles. Today Bradley Hasemeyer has three quick and easy drinks for kids, that are both refreshing, and delicious.

1.  Rainbow Sprite

All you need to do is pour sprite in an ice cube tray! Alternate a spritz of red, yellow, green, and blue food coloring in the divisions to create multi colored cubes. Once they're frozen, drop them in a glass, and pour in more Sprite. It’s the perfect drink for binge watching My Little Pony.

2.  Ocean Water

This beachy beverage combines lemon-lime soda, coconut syrup, and blue food coloring. Then stir and you have a drink that mimics the Sonic Drive-In version. Don't forget a little Swedish fish as a garnish. When the glass is empty, hold it up to your ear, and you can hear the ocean!

3.  Apple & Date Milkshake

This one is a healthy blend of apple, dates, low fat milk, ice, and cinnamon. Just blend it, pour it, and garnish it with cinnamon and more dates. Now you have a nutrient packed, low calorie drink everyone, including kids, will love!

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